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Brison Bursey Takes a Break

Brison Bursey1Brison Bursey has been one of our favorite young singer/songwriters over the past few  years.  His material was edgy and original, just like his singing voice.  For whatever reason, his music failed to connect in a widespread commercial way despite a loyal grassroots fanbase.  His Expectations and Parking Lots record is one of the finest to come out of the Texas scene in the past five years.  Bursey has decided to take a break from the road and concentrate on his writing and his family.  That’s a tough decision for any artist to make and kudos to Brison for having the guts to pull the trigger on it and realizing what’s best for him.  I predict we haven’t heard the last of Bursey and when he returns his music will be as strong as ever.  In the meantime, I highly suggest you pick up the Expectations record and catch one of his last shows before the break.



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