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Book the Bowen Classic

Fans…have you ever wanted to book your own festival or show?  Then, now is the time to support your favorites like never before!

Artists…do you ever feel left out of the biggest events in the scene?  Then, now is the time to rally your fans to vote for you!

Galleywinter is proud to partner with Wade Bowen and Big Hearted Babes for an exciting opportunity.  A new part of the Bowen Classic concert experience is an acoustic stage…and there are 3 slots left to be filled in the line-up.

CONTEST:  That’s where you come in!

Simply suggest the 3 artists** that you’d like to see perform an acoustic set at the show.  You can do this three ways:

1.  By placing their names in the comments section of this article.

2.  Sending your 3 choices via reply to the Galleywinter Twitter.

3.  Posting your choices on the Facebook event wall!

RULES:  Nominations will be accepted for just three days and all submissions must be received by Friday April 8 at 5PM.  The three artists with the most submissions will be announced on Monday April 11 and perform at the event on Sunday May 15.  If they are unable to play due to a prior commitment or other reasons, then the next highest vote getter will get the slot and so on.

PRIZE:  Everyone who submits their picks will be entered into a drawing for a special Bowen Classic prize pack.  One lucky winner will score tickets to the event and a VIP Meet and Greet…and get to see 3 of your favorite singers on one of the biggest stages in Texas/Red Dirt Music!

**Artists already confirmed to appear are:

The Departed, Casey Danahew Band, Stoney LaRue,  Randy Rogers, Willy and Cody Braun from Reckless Kelly, Micky and Gary Braun from Micky & the Motorcars, Walt Wilkins, Josh Grider,  Bobby Duncan, Kyle Park, Ryan Beaver, Ben Danaher and a few more of Wade’s friends that will be announced very soon!

RESULTS:  Final Bowen Classic update: 1. Chance Anderson 2. Jonathan Garcia 3. Rich O’Toole. Congrats guys, we will be in touch with you about details! And thanks to all that voted. Now that the contest is over, please remember the reason for all this…supporting Postpartum Support International. Hope to see everyone in Waco on May 15!

576 Responses to “Book the Bowen Classic”

  1. Ashley April 8, 2011

    Jonathan Garcia Band Jonathan Garcia Band Jonathan Garcia Band Jonathan Garcia Band

  2. Cassie April 8, 2011

    Josh abbott
    cody riley
    whiskey myers

  3. The SOuthWestern Playboys!
    The SouthWestern Playboys!
    The SouthWestern playboys!

  4. Brittni April 8, 2011

    1.cody riley band
    2.eli young band
    3.jason aldean hehe

  5. The SouthWestern Playboys!
    The SouthWestern Playboys!
    the SouthWestern Playboys!

  6. SWP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The SouthWestern Playboys!!!

  8. Alicia April 8, 2011

    I would love to hear some SouthWestern Playboys!!!!!

  9. Briana April 8, 2011

    I love The SouthWestern Playboys! They are the shit!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. Vickey Svoboda April 8, 2011

    Book Cody Riley, he is the best!!!