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Billy Bob’s Wants Who?

Recently, Billy Bob’s began a contest to choose the next act to record a Live at Billy Bob’s record.  Bands were nominated by radio stations and other outlets.  Here at Galleywinter, we thought this contest provided an excellent chance to unveil our newest feature:  Choices.  In this new feature a rotating panel of people will suggest their favorites or picks on a certain subject.  Favorite album, venue etc.   For this first edition, each had to pick their choice from the list of Billy Bob’s nominees and give a short reason why they want to see that band get the recording shot.

Complete list of nominees/voting link is HERE.

Brad Beheler:

It’s no secret that Josh Grider is one of my favorite artists of this or any scene/genre.  He’s an extremely talented musician and songwriter.  Adam Hood once described Josh as “thinking man’s country music”, and perhaps that’s why he’s never reached mass commercial success.  This provides an opportunity for more people to realize what they’ve been missing.  Grider’s live show has always been a blistering afront to your senses that mixed sounds as varied as Roger Miller and The Police with Merle Haggard and Pink Floyd.  Grider has put in the miles and time to deserve this shot.  He’s done it with a full band, a trio and acoustically.  There are rumors that if he wins this contest he’s putting together a conglomeration of his best sidemen including Kris Farrow on guitar.  It would be a sick, epic show.  He’s got a collection of amazing songs to fill out a well-rounded record and the backing band to truly make something special happen in the Stockyards on July 29, 2011.  He’s been stumbling on the edge of greatness for too long, vote for Grider and let’s see something unique happen for the first time in a while in this scene.

YouTube Showcase:  http://youtu.be/ULc4a1iNSp8


Ryan “Tank” Hargrave:

Brandon Jenkins gets my vote for the Live at Billy Bobs recording. Period. Sure… there are a lot of others acts that are deserving, but Brandon has year after year, month after month, day after day, and night after night put out some of the most consistently great music combined with unparalleled shows. The whole Live at Billy Bob’s started out as a tribute to the bands that make country music great and it was a badge of honor to be asked to record. Although many of these guys are deserving, I believe that Brandon Jenkins won’t just put a record out that fits in with the past, but raises the bar for
the entire list of bands that have recorded there. His song writing is an inspiration to both the young and old, his shows leave you with  hope for the future of music, and his truth will penetrate every inch of your soul.

YouTube Showcase:  http://youtu.be/75C0QCN7HzQ


Jon Paul “Hogleg” Long:

“You a real cowboy?”  “Well it depends on what you think a real cowboy is.”  Jamie Richards is a real cowboy and a hell of a song writer.  This is why he is my pick for the Billy Bob’s Live Recording.  Jamie Richards is a name if you don’t know you probably should.  Jamie has 4 albums that produced 14 singles which almost all were top ten on the Texas Music charts.  Mr. Richards is a do it his own way type of fella and I personally appreciate that.  I first met Jamie through my personal favorite singer/songwriter Walt Wilkins. (Why was Walter not on the Billy Bob’s recording contest?  Y’all need to recognize.  Just saying.)  Jamie and Walt Wilkins have also written, produced and picked together for many years.  Give Between These Lines, Anyway You Want Me To and Whiskey Nights a spin to get you a taste of Jamie Richards.  I also heard a story one time about how Jamie Richards kicked John Rich’s ass.  That alone gets my vote.  No matter how authentic that story is, Jamie’s music is real country music.   Check it out and vote for Jamie Richards.  That’s what I think.

YouTube Showcase:  http://youtu.be/GSsZjrCM6n4


Christina Maccini:

When I took my first pass over the list, I was taken back by the choices.  I’ve never heard of most of the bands, so I took the time to give each one a listen.  I found a couple of guys that I would like to dig into a little more, one being Austin Allsup.  There are a few artists on the list that I already respect and like, but I can’t say I would be the first in line to buy their live album.  Josh Grider Trio, on the other hand, has an amazing live show.  I heard his name thrown around for a few months last year.  Brad also posted a video of them from LJT awhile back, and that really sparked my interest.  Stand up bass?  Yes, please.  They were the band that I was most excited to see during the live blogging at Austin Wine Fest that year, and they exceeded my already high expectations.   We got a couple of good videos of them for the GalleywinterLive YouTube channel, but one song in particular really caught my attention.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a good spot to record it for the website, you can see the video below.  If you can tell me you wouldn’t like to hear this one live and loud, I’d have to call you crazy and assume you don’t like stomping holes in the ground.  I think a live album would create the attention that JG3 rightfully deserves.  My vote goes to Josh Grider Trio, all the way.

I must give an honorable mention for Midnight River Choir, who also really impressed me when I saw them live.  A bunch of cool guys with a unique and soulful groove.  Can we have them open for Grider and release a double CD?  I’d be first in line for that.

YouTube Showcase:  http://youtu.be/eznDgWxAUdI

Dan “Bama” Bateman:

My vote is for Brandon Jenkins. While Brandon may be better known for the songs he’s written that others have released such as Stoney’s “Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” or Bleu’s “Finger on the Trigger,” Brandon’s been a mainstay in the Texas/Red Dirt scene for over ten years now, releasing his first album in 2000. Since 2005, he has consistently put out a great CD just about every year, which is pretty rare in our world of “homemade” music where artists are writing their own songs. As I look over Brandon’s discography, the one thing missing is a live album and I think a Live at Billy Bob’s CD would fill that void nicely. I’ve seen Brandon play many times and I always leave asking myself why I don’t see them play
more – I think the big stage at Billy Bob’s would be a great place for him and his band to stretch out and let everyone see and hear what they’ve been missing.

YouTube Showcase:  http://youtu.be/m1Kvqrd9u74

6 Responses to “Billy Bob’s Wants Who?”

  1. This is awesome! The whole “Live at Billy Bob’s” is a great event. From what I understand, the top 10 vote recipients will have a chance to perform at Billy Bob’s, then the voters get another to chance to vote for thier favorite! How cool is that for even getting into the top ten?

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  2. Great write-ups for your voting reasons. I’d also vote for Grider. It’s a tough field, but those guys deserve it and on top of that, they’re awesome live.

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  3. desperado28 June 10, 2011

    I voted for Grider too, but I was surprised there were not a few more “name” type artists listed. Great idea tho

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  4. TX Music Jim June 13, 2011

    Don’t Forget about Honeybrowne Fred and the boys have been part of this scene since it’s earliest days and deserve some props.

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  5. That is awesome! Josh Grider is one of my very favs – not trying to be a self promoter by no means, but I recently ranked him #1 on Texas Music in my book:


    Sorry for the link – just thought it relative.

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