Behind the lyrics: 5 More Minutes

As music listeners, we often hear lyrics and try to package them up and understand songs in a way that fits our personal experiences. Sometimes I find that it takes a while to truly ‘understand’ a song, and sometimes I’m immediately hit with a memory that persists each time. Often, life changes and I hear the song in a new way.

But what does it mean to the artist who wrote it? Have I figured it out or is it deeper? What memory is conjured when they sing it? Sure, the tune about last night’s party can be fun, but in this scene that we refer to as Texas/Red Dirt music, we value the artists who bleed emotions and share their hearts with us in a permanent way.

In Granger Smith’s 2009 “Don’t Listen to the Radio” album jacket, he wrote out his reasons for writing each song, whether he shared the story behind the lyrics or his writing process. Well, he’s done it again in a behind the scenes video of his “5 More Minutes” single, where he reflects on what sparked the song – Granger’s desire to have five more minutes with his grandfather after reading his diary. The music video presents reflections from people on the streets of Austin on what they would say if they had five more minutes with a loved one.

So here’s what it means to me – lately I’ve been learning to be open and honest, which can leave me feeling vulnerable. While it can be uncomfortable to say “I like you. I want to figure this out. And I think you make me happy,” I’m learning that is so much easier than living with the regret of words left unsaid.

So what could you say or do now, so you aren’t left wishing for five more minutes?

Blair Williamson

Business Communicator, horse owner, Texas Aggie, into social media and the TX/Red Dirt Scene. Always learning.

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