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The Coast City Line Fall Acoustic Show

This Friday I’m going to a concert and 6 of the best musicians I know will be playing. I asked each one to play for many reasons and I wrote out just one of them for each person. I hope it intrigues you to come check out the show. It’s going to be incredible. The […]


“There is never enough horsepower… just not enough traction.” Carroll Shelby In our lifetime, we move forward by actually doing things. By making. By creating. You can have the biggest dreams in the world and tell everyone how great you are at something, but if you’re not doing anything about it, you’re just spinning your […]

{Off The Cuff} K Phillips – Lincoln City (Keep It Safe”

Expect and love the unexpected. That pretty much sums up my new found compulsion to K Phillip’s music. I’d seen him once live and was pretty impressed, so When his record “American Girls” came out, I bought it, went directly to my office and gave it a spin. Brad wrote a great review of it here so I […]

{Off The Cuff} Respect

After publicly stating (you know… on the twitter) a slightly negative opinion about a popular musician a while back, I got a reply back saying I should expect some phone calls and death threats. Interesting enough, it’s probably true given the level of devotion his fans and management have. Good for them. There’s no reason […]

You Love/Hate That Album…Go Review It!

We love to help spread the word about an artist, but often don’t know how to do it. The best way is always to go to the show, tell the venue (email, facebook, twitter) how much you enjoyed it, and buy some merch if you can. But what else is there? Venues, labels, management, radio, […]