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Keeping the grass in the roots.

Thank you to everyone who has jumped in and bought your tickets to #gf14. It’s cool to have so many of you behind this. Words cannot express our gratitude. Tank, Brad and myself have been at this for a long time it seems. We’ve all paid some dues to keep this thing going along the way.

At end of night:

Tank, “Hey Hogleg, how much money you have?” -Greenfest 6 or 7

Point is that it hasn’t always been easy. We’ve bumped our heads a few times and into one another. Hell, I think I’ve bumped heads with most folks if they get around me long enough. haha Sometimes it’s completely unintentional and sometimes I’m aiming to give you a flying squirrel headbutt. One thing I know is this k-nowledge. If there is no fight in you. There is no passion. Our cup runneth over in the passion department. Tank and I promised one another when we started this gig was there will be no quitting. You can’t throw a festival 4-5 years and quit. That’s weak.

Greenfest is not about bringing you the artist everyone thinks is the shit right now to sell a bunch of tickets. It’s about bringing you bands and artists we think should be and are to the fore-front. We booked a band called the Turnpike Troubadours a few years back to open Greenfest for $500 bucks. That was another “How much money you got Hogleg?” year. I’m thinking that Turnpike fee has … Keep Reading

Lincoln “LD” Durham


“Let the wind act as a savior Let it guide like a savior should May the river have mercy have mercy on the drifting wood.” -LD

A lot of you know I have had the pleasure and honor to roll across the country and back and back again with Lincoln and Annie Durham last year. And if you didn’t know let me tell you a little about it.  Everywhere I went people would ask me how did you get this gig? Loving music and people is always the answer. It’s the answer for all of this stuff I do. I really didn’t do much else to get here. There is no straight path to all of this. It’s all pretty organic at the end of the day. I do know this undoubtedly. If you want to grow something in life you have to water it with passion. I remember when I agreed to take the Lincoln gig I asked where we were going first? Annie said, “Tupelo, Mississippi we leave on Thursday.” Sounded like a great place to start. I had no idea what would happen over the next year. The gigs, the cities, the miles, taking a shit in a trash can… I wouldn’t trade for any of it. It was as killer as you think it was. I’m ready to do it again if duty calls.

I will say I didn’t take the gig to be just a merch guy. Hell, I’m 41 years old. No disrespect to … Keep Reading

Greenfest Artist Preview: Lew Card



Roots..Country…Americana….whatever you wanna call it.  Lew Card plays good, down to earth music- and he writes good, down to earth songs.  Lew just released his solo debut “Low Country Hi-Fi” and will be bringing his back porch pickin, moonshine sippin, cornbread and country chitlins- with ALL the fixins- style to Greenfest for the first time this year.  If you like good songs with that laid back southern vibe, you damn well gonna like you some Lew Card. 

Greenfest tickets:

Performance time/date:  Sun July 27 at Lone Star Floathouse

Years at Greenfest:  Debut


Keep Reading


$15 Bucks for all of this?


Saturday is 6 Full Bands and A-One-Man Full Band, mouth, feet and hands. This is all taking place at River Road Ice House in New Braunfels. Texas. It’s going to be a hell of a party. We have the best mix we’ve ever assembled in my opinion.

The Bigsbys are going to be the Quaker City Nighthawks of last year. All the Buzzzzzzzzzz. So get there by four o’clock and twenty minutes. You don’t want to miss these dudes. Check out their new record Good Will Suitcase produced by Jonathan Tyler if you have not.

Chris King will be liberating us from the two hole with his roots country tunes (sorry I had to do it, I lack self control haha) The world needs more Chris King full band shows. We feel as though we are onto something here.

I hear Folk Family Revival is coming without the Folk this year, but the Pre-Apocalyptic Blues Rock Family Revival will be there in their place. We will be Unfolding at the seams it seems.

I’m Seth James Bitch!!! Very excited to have this gentleman and blues slayer in our mix. A little Cigarettes, Anger and Wine is just fine all the time.

Leroy Powell and The Messengers are going to tear the roof off the joint just like King Kong would. I have never been more certain of a Hogleg 1st Round Draft Pick, not never. What would King Kong Do? Come … Keep Reading

{Off The Cuff} Are You Really Listening?

I love music as much as anyone.

I’ll fight you over it if you want some. You probably don’t if I’m guessing. I have references.

Hell, I have a reasonable amount rhythm and sound killer singing in the shower. That being said, I have no business making a record. Maybe just maybe, you have no business too. Just because your mom and girlfriend/wife think you are great doesn’t necessarily make it so. You should probably keep asking around, seek a few real opinions. Please don’t send me records saying you sound like Uncle Lucius. I already know you are full of shit before I open the envelope. I haven’t heard anyone sound like Kevin Galloway, but Kevin Galloway.

Besides all that… try sounding like you first. Influence is great, but we don’t need another Randy Rogers Band. They already handled that just fine and continue to do so. We don’t need another Pat Green. The one we have is pretty salty already.

Quit saturating the market with your shitty band and tunes. Let the cream be the cream. A lot of Texas Music fans despise Nashville Country. I am a fellow despiser. (If that’s not a word I just made it one.) The truth is the shittiest “Texas Country Music” is shittier than a lot of that “Nashville Pop Music” we despise.

How can you scream for change if you’re part of the problem? I’m disappointed at fans for settling. Your settling for shitty tunes is keeping the real artists … Keep Reading

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