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{Off The Cuff} Are You Really Listening?

I love music as much as anyone.

I’ll fight you over it if you want some. You probably don’t if I’m guessing. I have references.

Hell, I have a reasonable amount rhythm and sound killer singing in the shower. That being said, I have no business making a record. Maybe just maybe, you have no business too. Just because your mom and girlfriend/wife think you are great doesn’t necessarily make it so. You should probably keep asking around, seek a few real opinions. Please don’t send me records saying you sound like Uncle Lucius. I already know you are full of shit before I open the envelope. I haven’t heard anyone sound like Kevin Galloway, but Kevin Galloway.

Besides all that… try sounding like you first. Influence is great, but we don’t need another Randy Rogers Band. They already handled that just fine and continue to do so. We don’t need another Pat Green. The one we have is pretty salty already.

Quit saturating the market with your shitty band and tunes. Let the cream be the cream. A lot of Texas Music fans despise Nashville Country. I am a fellow despiser. (If that’s not a word I just made it one.) The truth is the shittiest “Texas Country Music” is shittier than a lot of that “Nashville Pop Music” we despise.

How can you scream for change if you’re part of the problem? I’m disappointed at fans for settling. Your settling for shitty tunes is keeping the real artists … Keep Reading


GreenFest 13 is Uncle Lucius, Adam Hood, K Phillips and The Concho Pearls, Quaker City Night Hawks, Josh Weathers and Javi Garcia.

All full band shows. All Rock & Roll.

And that is just Saturday.

Make your plans now. -Hogleg

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GREENFEST 13 Gig Shirts




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KNBT 92.1 New Braunfels | Americana Jam

This just in: Randy Rogers is the special guest at the 17th Annual Americana Jam. Click the banner to get your tickets. Ole’ Mattson put together one hell of a lineup this time around. See you there.

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Uncle Lucius – Keep The Wolves Away

This video is making some noise over on CMT where designer britches, trucks in the mud and a bunch of pansies get all the air time. After watching the “Country Awards” joke last night I realized more than ever that help is needed. I am especially proud of this video because my son Ethan was asked to be part of such a great song and piece of art. If you have not heard this song, watched this video or been introduced to the music of Uncle Lucius here’s the fix to all that.

Vote for the video here:



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