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Country Music?

Preface: I’m not a journalist & I’m not pretending to be one. I barely consider myself a writer. Maybe late at night, a couple whiskeys in. Also, I’m going to be constantly referring to “country music” in this article. By that, I mean mainstream country.Read the rest

Creative Process & Consuption

I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process in music & its execution into something that people consume. Talking about creativity and writing songs is hard. I can’t sit here & pretend that I know the reason that anyone else makes music.… Read the rest

{Review} I Used To Not Care About Ryan Bingham


Alright, I’ve got a confession to make. Two, actually. Number one: This is probably the very first Ryan Bingham album that I’ve ever sat with, considered, and listened to front-to-back. Two: I’m at least eight Lone Star Lights into the evening, so I’m not sure if this will sound like a rant, a confession, a washing machine, or some kind of combination of the three.… Read the rest

Mike & The Moonpies / Gear Theft


Mike Harmeier (of Mike & The Moonpies) was the first person I met in the Austin country scene. That was around 7 years ago. He was kind enough to let me tag along on a couple of Honky Tonk Mondays he was doing down at The Hole In The Wall.… Read the rest

Sharing and Collective Creativity

This entry may be horribly incongruent & scattered, and I apologize for that. Coffee & stuff. Also typos.

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity lately. I’ve been thinking about where it comes from, how to stimulate it, how to harness it… all kinds of things.… Read the rest