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I was honored to be a guest on KNBT’s Turntables program with Mattson Rainer last night. 2 plus hours of songs that mean something to the guest DJ. We went on a musical journey of songs that are important to me and promoted River Jam.  … Read the rest

River Jam Artist Preview: Johnny Chops

While many know him solely as the bassist in the Randy Rogers Band, Johnny Chops has established himself as a formidable singer/songwriter/musician in his own right.  He fronts the side project Johnny Chops and the Razors and continues to write some of the most rockin’ honky-tonk infused songs around.  … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} July 2017: Trends

{Brads Corner}

I recently took a vacation trip out to California.  SoCal-LA specifically.  I had never been.  And everything I thought would happen did.  Traffic. People. The vibe. The view.  It was everything your mind makes it out to be.

Saw a Deadhead sticker on an Audi.… Read the rest

What Happened to FW Weekly?

I had just landed at LAX last week and turned on my phone; expecting to be inundated by the usual few texts and emails.  7-10 maybe.  Nope.  Try 53.  As my feeble iPhone attempted to connect to wifi or a tower, my heart raced.  … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} June 2017: What’s Real?

{Brads Corner}

As the great credibility scare of Texas Music enters it’s 8th or 9th year depending on who you ask, we’ve all adopted Sturgill, Isbell and the like as our own.  While, they are most definitely not ours.  We love them.  But the’re not “Texas””Red Dirt” etc.  … Read the rest