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{Brad's Corner} January 2018: Spectrum

{Bradís Corner}

As Steamboat wraps up for another year, we are on the cusp of another year of Texas Music pandemonium…or something.¬† The more things change, the more they stay the same.¬† Watching the events of MusicFest unfold from Texas I was reminded of the old Mike McClure lyric from The Great Divide’s “Yesterday Road”. Now the […]

{Review} Drew Kennedy – At Home in the Big Lonesome

Songwriting is a wide and varied art form that takes on many different personalities depending upon the writer and the subject matter.¬† Drew Kennedy is one of the best songwriters on the planet and has been for some time.¬† He’s good because he’s honest, even when making the story up about something from the ether […]

On Top of the Red Dirt Mountain (By Era)

Ric Flair famously proclaimed “To be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man.”¬† A farcical taunt in the world of pro wrestling about who was the biggest, baddest and best at any given time.¬† Someone who puts butts in seats and causes a reaction.¬† Last week on Twitter, in the build-up to the release of […]

{Review} Turnpike Troubadours – A Long Way From Your Heart

For nearly a decade, the Turnpike Troubadours have been standard bearers for the ragtag, raw, honest, genuine type of country music favored by folks in this region. The band, fueled by the Walt Whitman and Larry McMurtry infused lyrics of frontman Evan Felker, has¬†always stood apart from peers and imitators because they are so damn […]

{Brad's Corner} October 2017 – No Answer

{Bradís Corner}

Over the years, I’ve prided myself on always having an answer when asked a variation of the following question. “Who should I be listening to?” “Who’s the next big thing?” “Who’s about to blow up?” This past Sunday at our big Texas Music Flood Waco event, I had no new names when this question was […]