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Way Back When Again With Hedley and Crockett

There’s an old saying that goes “what’s old is new again,” and with music that is often the case.  There are very few new ideas, everything is filtered by the music of the past.  Most artists take that and move the ball forward, but others take that notion and inject every bit of their art with classic sounds, images and hallmarks. … Read the rest

{Texas Treasures} Rusty Wier – Black Hat Saloon

Rusty Wier was one of the few musical heroes I had as a child that I got to actually befriend as an adult.  Anytime I was around him, it was surreal.  As if I was starring in a Truman Show style movie set amid the backdrop of Texas Music royalty. … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} April 2018: Beyond the Surface

{Brads Corner}

Red Shahan released a fantastic new record this week.  It’s his second straight home run.  Despite his growing notoriety, he still remains an enigma and that has definitely helped spur his buzz.  In this modern age of sharing every details of our lives online and then having those details sold to the highest bidders, it’s unusual and refreshing for an artist to hold some mystique. … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} March 2018: The Places They are a Changin’

{Brads Corner}

The recent news that Dale Watson had moved to Memphis sent ripples far beyond the Countrypolitan honky-tonk scene he made thrive in Austin.  It was seen as the largest domino to fall in the fight to keep Austin what it was. … Read the rest

Mile 0: As Good As It Gets

**Below you will find my complete story on my trip to Mile 0 Fest and Key West.  If you want to skip the prologue and jump straight to the music section, scroll to the portion titled  “MILE O FEST“. … Read the rest