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{Review} Koe Wetzel – Harold Saul High

It is impossible to take the rocket ride that Koe Wetzel has over the past three years and not come out a changed man. But, upon listening to his new record Harold Saul High, it is apparent he can cling to what put him on that rocket in the first place pretty damn well. The […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Mike Stanley

Mike Stanley may be the hardest worker in a music scene full of them.  It’s rare that he’s not gigging.  If the day ends in Y, he’s got a guitar in his hands on a stage singing his blues laden spin on Texas Music.  A serious artist with serious chops who is respected by his […]

River Jam Preview: John Dempsy

John Dempsy is one of the most underrated artists in our wide scene. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and can play anything with strings in just about any band you throw him in.  Yet, it’s his own singer/songwriter side that is the most interesting thing about him.  Each song drips with emotion, each lyric is strained out […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Kylie Rae Harris

Kylie Rae Harris is a natural singing and songwriting talent buoyed by the highs and lows of a life that have given her plenty of material to sing about.  Her voice and viewpoint are uniquely hers and the authenticity and transparency with which she showcases her life, bumps and all, is what makes her a […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Bo Brumble

Bo Brumble is one of those artists that has a presence.  It’s an easy one, but you notice him when he’s onstage and off.  He’s multi-talented and is omnipresent around the greater Austin scene.  You’re as likely to find him singing his own songs as you are enjoying someone else’s.  He embodies everything that is […]