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{Review} Paul Cauthen – My Gospel

1Oftentimes in the scene of music we cover here and in the macro Americana scene, the songwriter portion of singer/songwriter can often overshadow the former.  Chalk that up to the influence of Dylan, Clark, Waits and Van Zandt.  When an artist is able to combine a strong songwriting prowess with powerful vocals, then you’re on to something.  … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} October 2016: You Are What You Eat

{Brads Corner}

Just like eating junk food is bad for your body, listening to junk music is bad for your brain and soul.  It’s a simple premise, but just as a great majority of folks hit that drive thru as opposed to seeking more fulfilling nourishment because it’s so much easier, music consumers do the same.  … Read the rest

Texas Best Americana Red’s Volume 4

The final installment of my attempt to categorize and chronicle the signature songs of our music scene can be found below.  This has been an extremely rewarding and satisfying trip down memory lane and into the future.  The feedback has been phenomenal and I’m proud that this will stand as a testament to all that we as a music scene and community have been a part of.… Read the rest

Heavenly Rhymes and Vines

After nearly 20 years of attending and reveling in the April tradition that is Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Fest, I was excited to take in my first Rhymes and Vines on the occasion of its eleventh happening.  For ten years I’d heard tales of how it was superior to the April fest for music lovers.  … Read the rest

Texas Best Americana Red’s Volume 3

My mission to archive and chronicle the quintessential and signature songs of Texas/Red Dirt Americana continues with Volume 3 as we dive into M-R.

Volume 1: http://galleywinter.com/texas-best-americana-reds-part-1/
Volume 2: http://galleywinter.com/texas-best-americana-reds-volume-2/
Spotify playlist for Volumes 1-3: GW Texas Best Americana Red’s



Mack Abernathy – “Slippin’ Around” (1989)
Elements of Bob Wills can be found in this vintage Texas Music artist’s work and is best put on display here.… Read the rest