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Texas Best Americana Red’s Volume 1

I once made a Spotify playlist that featured a few of my favorite songs from each of my favorite Texas/Red Dirt/Americana/OKOM artists.  I was programming my own station so to speak.  Soon though, laziness took hold and upon album release day for a favorite artist I found myself just dragging the entire new record into the collection.  … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} September 2016: Cooly Uncool

{Brads Corner}

The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.  Lester Bangs said that.  It was recreated for dramatic effect in Almost Famous and it rings true 40 years later. Musicians, by and large, grow up the uncool kids in a sea of jocks, climbers and brainiacs.  … Read the rest

Jack’s Journey

When on an uncharted journey it is not uncommon to get lost and led astray.  Following beacons and misguided navigational points that slightly betray your gut instincts.  True trailblazers don’t let this deter them.  Getting lost can be as illuminating as discovering paradise shortly after setting off.  … Read the rest

RRB’s Hidden Gems

Over the past 17 years, Randy Rogers Band has cranked out some of the most memorable and standard bearing songs of the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  Their album Rollercoaster remains atop most lists as the best to ever come from this subgenre of music.  … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} August 2016: Minoring in PR

{Brads Corner}

My good friend Rita Ballou has recently been beating the drum about an issue that is minor among the most pressing facing our cottage music industry, yet one that is important nonetheless.  It’s the notion of “exclusives” and “premieres”.  Many of the biggest artists in our scene employ management and publicity agencies that are disconnected from Texas.  … Read the rest