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{Brad's Corner} November 2016: Pals

{Bradís Corner}

Pick up your loose ends, take ’em to your friends…they’ll put ’em back together again…if you let them. – Rusty Wier

Many things have healing power. ¬†Yet, I’ve never found something as therapeutic as good tunes and better friends. ¬†Rusty Wier was a sage man. ¬†… Read the rest

{20 Questions} Dalton Domino

Dalton Domino is one of the best young talents in our scene. ¬†Originally from DFW, but emerging from the Lubbock hotbed of musicality that has birthed so many others, Domino has a distinct, colorful take on Texas Music. ¬†He honors the traditions and forefathers while pushing it forward. ¬†… Read the rest

{Review} Paul Cauthen – My Gospel

1Oftentimes in the scene of music we cover here and in the macro Americana scene, the songwriter portion of singer/songwriter can often overshadow the former. ¬†Chalk that up to the influence of Dylan, Clark, Waits and Van Zandt. ¬†When an artist is able to combine a strong songwriting prowess with powerful vocals, then you’re on to something. ¬†… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} October 2016: You Are What You Eat

{Bradís Corner}

Just like eating junk food is bad for your body, listening to junk music is bad for your brain and soul. ¬†It’s a simple premise, but just as a great majority of folks hit that drive thru as opposed to seeking more fulfilling nourishment because it’s so much easier, music consumers do the same. ¬†… Read the rest

Texas Best Americana Red’s Volume 4

The final installment of my attempt to categorize and chronicle the signature songs of our music scene can be found below. ¬†This has been an extremely rewarding and satisfying trip down memory lane and into the future. ¬†The feedback has been phenomenal and I’m proud that this will stand as a testament to all that we as a music scene and community have been a part of.… Read the rest