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The Hag


On a cold fall night in the year 2001 I saw one of my musical heroes in the flesh for the first and, what would end up being, the only time.  In the rush of life post 9/11, full immersion in Texas Music, work, life and everything else, this concert certainly flew under the radar.  … Read the rest

Humble Domination of the Flatland and Beyond


This weekend, someone asked me how a band “nobody has ever heard of” that “doesn’t have a radio presence” could make such a huge debut as that of Flatland Cavalry. My simple reply…”the right people have heard of them.” This goes back to the whole chart and radio debate from a few months back.… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} March 2016: Beat Me Like a Drum

{Brads Corner}

Well I thought the highway loved me. But she beat me like a drum. – Jason Isbell

The road is an alluring place.  It’s the stuff of fantasy and Kerouac.  Windblown freedom and white line slavery. It can take you places far beyond this plane without leaving the ground.… Read the rest

Life Moves Pretty Fast

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  – Ferris Bueller


That’s one of my favorite cinematic quotes of all time, sprung from the brain of premium 1980’s film auteur John Hughes and delivered by the eternal teenage hero Ferris Bueller, it distills a very basic truth of life.  … Read the rest