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Watching The Ranch Wall Come Tumbling Down

by: Cody Starr

Brad did an excellent job of explaining why we should trust Shayne Hollinger, Justin Frazell and the rest of The Ranch crew with our precious Texas/Red Dirt Music lives. As a regular Ranch listener who lives in DFW, I’m usually lurking on The Ranch “Wall” (the station’s online chat room) during the week.… Read the rest

Ranch Round-Up

As Charlie Stout pointed out in a recent tweet, it was just a mere two weeks ago that we were lamenting the fact that there hadn’t been much buzz or newsworthy trends in our scene for quite a while. ¬†Thanks to a few songs on the de facto flagship airwaves of OKOM all hell broke loose on Friday.… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} February 2017: All Stars

{Bradís Corner}

I just got back from a rowdy trip to New Orleans. ¬†The NBA All-Star game is arriving there very soon, and all over town they were preparing for it. ¬†Posters of LeBron were as common in the French Quarter as overzealous and pushy shot girls.… Read the rest

Riley’s Tavern

ed. note–In 2017 we aim to hit up venues that are oft-overlooked, forgotten or unknown. ¬†Special, quaint, unique places that support music in their own way. ¬†While places like Gruene Hall get all the glory, there are countless other structures just as sacred across this state. ¬†Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} January 2017: Where Do We Take It From Here?

{Bradís Corner}

The great 90’s rock philosophers Semisonic once wisely and sagely sang every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. ¬†A clever way of describing life. ¬†Life, relationships, work, sports, the music biz. ¬†Ah, the music biz. ¬†That vain temptress that clings to our emotions, wrings hope from darkness and if the mood is right can sour sunshine with the blues. ¬†… Read the rest