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{Brad's Corner} May 2015: It’s Okay

{Bradís Corner}

The recent buzz of the Chris Stapleton record has caused a great deal of talk to spread across online music fandom. ¬†As with any quick rise in status, (see Sturgill Simpson), there is an expected backlash. ¬†Even if it is a minor one. ¬†Not everyone is going to “get” everything. ¬†I don’t “get” Lucero. ¬†I can appreciate it. ¬†But, it’s not my thing. ¬†I’ve tried to get into it because so many people I respect and trust claim them as their favorite band. ¬†It just hasn’t clicked with me. ¬†And, the important thing to know is that’s okay.

We at Galleywinter have always striven to be a filter among the noise that highlights music we dig. ¬†It’s not always everyone’s cup of tea and from time to time we’ve been stuck with the “music snob” label. ¬†But, when an outfit such as this loves “Donut Taco Palace”, that can’t really be a valid label.

Music is about what you feel. ¬†It either hits you in the soul or it doesn’t. ¬†It should make you truly feel something. ¬†Whatever emotion impacts you via music, let it reverberate to your soul. ¬†It’s food for your soul.

Like what you like and make no apologies for it. ¬†If you don’t like the same thing that everyone else does, relish that. ¬†It means you’re unique and special. ¬†You are doing ¬†you.

We’ve always gone to great lengths to tell you what we are digging, not what we aren’t digging. ¬†Music discovery is a personal … Keep Reading

{Review} RR, WB, WCG and Monster Records




“Well, it’s not really a monster track Mike.”

Jerry Jeff Walker spoke those tongue-in-cheek words over 40 years ago¬†as the tapes rolled on his recording “Gettin’ By”. ¬†It was a knowing wink that while the song was simple and somewhat off the cuff, Jerry Jeff knew he was on the brink of a movement. ¬†It may not have been a monster track, but it was part of a monster moment. ¬†Texas Music has had a few of those throughout the past five decades. ¬†We’re on the cusp of another one this week with the twin releases of two highly anticipated albums. ¬†The Randy Rogers-Wade Bowen duets record Hold My Beer, Vol. 1 and William Clark Green’s Ringling Road. ¬†The anticipation for each is for different reasons.

Ever since Pat Green and Cory ¬†Morrow released the rollicking, Lloyd Maines produced Songs We Wish We’d Written Vol. 1 in 2001 there has been a void of that type of vibe and music in this scene. ¬†It was a shoot from the hip, free-wheeling ride through some of their favorite tunes. ¬†Morrow has never sounded finer and Green has never sounded like he’s having more fun than on that collection. ¬†Into that void, 14 years later, steps Rogers and Bowen. For many years these two have taken their Hold My Beer acoustic songswap concept and made it half house party-half listening room. ¬†This record bends more toward the party aspect. ¬†It reeks, in the best possible way, of late … Keep Reading

{Brad's Corner} April 2015: Transferring to the Tube

{Bradís Corner}

The way we consume media in these modern times is quite different from how we took it in as recently as five years ago. ¬†Streaming and avenues like Apple TV and Netflix allow us to gluttonously devour television series and movies as if we were headed to Whataburger after a fast. ¬†We don’t consume these shows quietly either. ¬†We must blast our latest viewing habits out on all manner of social media. ¬†Why do we do this? Because we as humans crave a connection. ¬†We want to share our joy and love of something and feel validated. ¬†Finding someone else who watches and enjoys the same show as you bonds you in some sort of unexplained social lockstep. ¬†And, boy can we get passionate about these shows we watch. ¬†Whether it’s Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Scandal, House of Cards or you name it…we will jump up on the highest cliff and stump for it harder than the 2016 candidates are striving for the White House. ¬†We will beat the drums and tell people why it’s awesome and why they should watch. ¬†We will act incredulous when someone tells us they haven’t seen it or didn’t enjoy it when they tried to watch it.

I used to see that same kind of passion about music. ¬†But, it’s rare these days. ¬†It’s easy to blame it on the changing fads or the death of both country music and “Texas Country”. ¬†Yet, there has to be more to it. ¬†I think … Keep Reading

Sturgill Mania


It’s been quite some time since an artist captured the collective heartbeat of the underground country scene quite like Sturgill Simpson has done. ¬†His rise has been historic and meteoric. ¬†Fans of all stripes are flocking to Sturgill as some sort of country music savior. ¬†His latest Texas run is the most recent indication of his current status. ¬†Sell-outs at large venues at Beatles/Garth rates occurred. ¬†Fans are traveling from far and wide to see their latest hero. ¬†Sturgill’s easygoing attitude and calm nature about it all has only endeared him to people further. ¬†There is a tiny hipster minority of folks waging a Sturgill backlash but they can’t stem the Sturgill tide. ¬†Who’s coming to see what all the fuss is about this weekend? ¬†Many of the GW crew will be at both Stubb’s shows and the Billy Bob’s gig. ¬†See you there. ¬†Come say hi. ¬†As a music fan, this is livin’ the dream.

April 2 – Stubb’s – Austin, TX

April 3 – Billy Bob’s – Fort Worth, TX

April 4 – Lubbock Memorial Civic Theater – Lubbock, TX

April 5 – Stubb’s – Austin, TX¬†Keep Reading

Lift Up Jayce Ward

Josh and Heather Ward are part of the Galleywinter family. ¬†They’re what we like to refer to as “old-skool”. ¬†Heather was a part of the original Tore Up From the Floor Up group that birthed this website/community. ¬†We’ve watched Josh grow from banging around on a couple chords to becoming one of the most successful independent artists in Texas at the moment. ¬†Recently, their young son Jayce has been beset by some medical issues. ¬†The family has circled the wagons around their little man and due to this Josh and Heather have missed a great deal of work. ¬†Postponed gigs equals postponed money that the family could use now. ¬†Due to this, a GoFundMe has been set up for the family where you can learn more about Jayce’s prognosis and the family’s story. ¬†The Texas Music Family at large, and the Galleywinter family more specifically, encourage you to consider donating to the Ward’s. ¬†They’re good people…and they’re family.

Jayce Ward GoFundMeKeep Reading

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