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{Brad's Corner} June 2017: What’s Real?

{Bradís Corner}

As the great credibility scare of Texas Music enters it’s 8th or 9th year depending on who you ask, we’ve all adopted Sturgill, Isbell and the like as our own. ¬†While, they are most definitely not ours. ¬†We love them. ¬†But the’re not “Texas””Red Dirt” etc. ¬†… Read the rest

River Jam Artist Preview: Clayton Landua

Bands don’t last. ¬†There are exceptions , but they are rare. ¬†One band from this scene that made significant inroads was 6 Market Blvd. ¬†Their music continues to resonate and influence some three years after they called it quits. ¬†A few one-off reunion shows and a band members that have found other gigs aside, it’s been lead singer Clayton Landua who has been the most quiet.… Read the rest

{Review} John Baumann – Proving Grounds

John Baumann is a songwriter with a strong voice and clear conscience that has enabled him to cut through to the hearty details of life that impact us all. ¬†His releases have all been critically acclaimed and he continues to grow his audience. ¬†… Read the rest

Why River Jam?

When Hogleg retired, he wrote a blistering treatise that everyone should read. There is one part in particular related to the name change of our festival. ¬†Greenfest lasted for 16 years in various iterations. George’s, Antone’s, RRIH, The Phoenix, Momo’s, Coppertank and more.… Read the rest

Respecting Respects

My father passed away unexpectedly two years ago. ¬†He was too young to go and it took everyone by surprise. ¬†A myriad of tributes and emotions rolled through everyone he knew. ¬†From his buddies toasting him with cold beer, to the old ladies singing gospel hymns and dropping covered dish dinners off at the house, to me driving his truck through the backroads of each of our youthful adventures, old stories told by my buddies who viewed him as a second father. ¬†… Read the rest