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{Brad's Corner} April 2014-What’s Old Is New Again

{Bradís Corner}

New albums from established artists. ¬†For a great majority of acts they arrive with varying degrees of half-hearted fanfare. ¬†When an artist is particularly hot they can release just about anything and it will sell. ¬†Once they begin to slide down the other side of Mt. Relevance, they must work doubly hard to get just half the attention they did previously. ¬†Their ticket sales may remain sky high, but sales of their new album often flatline. ¬†The masses want to hear what they know. ¬†They’re not interested in “here’s something from our new album”.

That is the constant scenario in music released outside the Americana/Texas scene. ¬†The Texas/Oklahoma region actually craves new music. ¬†We’re on the flip side of that…for the most part. ¬†It’s still hard to get people to buy in to any post-Canonball era Pat Green. ¬† (Or the Load/Re-Load era of Metallica for that matter which still only has me and Josh Grider as champions.)

So, why do some artists thrive and others stagnate?

It’s a tricky equation with a simple answer. ¬†Country music is founded on the strength of songs. ¬†If the song’s good enough it won’t matter if there’s a fourth runner-up beauty contest contestant belting it out or a hardcore troubadour. ¬†The songs are what people connect to. ¬†If the quality of the new stuff isn’t up to par with the expectations of the audience you’re in for trouble.

It’s the reason why Turnpike Troubadours have become so huge despite playing by their own … Keep Reading

{Review} Dan Adams – Live Oaks and Lights

big_1395174689LiveOaksAndLights260Dan Adams first came on my radar a couple years ago via Adam Hood.  Adams was a fellow southeastern expat frustratingly plying his songwriting trade in Nashville.  Through meeting several folks involved in the scene down here, the Georgia native soon realized his music fit more in the Americana/Texas mold than that of the trucks and tailgates Music Row rage.   A few acoustic touring runs, some successful networking and a full stakes-pulling move of he and his family to Austin has provided the background for a wholly satisfying new album entitled Live Oaks and Lights.

Adams began piecing this record together prior to his Texas move, but the pieces came together once he was within Lone Star borders. ¬†Much like his kindred spirit Hood, Adams’ version of country music is permeated by soul, blues and groove. ¬†While not as gifted a vocalist as Hood, Adams proves himself equally adept at delivering self-penned emotions that connect with his audience.

Live Oaks and Lights is a formidable collection of songs and features a robust group of co-writers. ¬†Ben Danaher shares credit on “Straight Whiskey and Bent Strings”, a honky-tonk musical journey in song form. ¬†Brian Burke joins Hood and Adams to deliver “I Won’t Do The Right One Wrong”, a simmering love proclamation that is actually reminiscent of some of the stuff on John Mayer’s Born and Raised record. ¬†And Blake Myers of Rosehill shows up as a co-writer on “A Little More Yesterday”. ¬†”Bring Enough Gun” showcases Adams’ rock side … Keep Reading

{Brad's Corner} March 2014: Primary Endorsements

{Bradís Corner}

The most recent Texas Primary Election was held yesterday.  Hotly contested races all over the state were being decided at the polls.  The winners of those contests will move on to face candidates from their diametrically opposed party in the fall General Election.  On this busy election week, I was inundated by two things.

1. Terribly produced political ads from all across the spectrum that seemed as if they were written and produced for SNL, Chappelle’s Show, Key and Peele or The Daily Show.

2. Social media endorsements for Kevin Fowler’s new record How Country Are Ya?

In the midst of the first inundation, the ads were peppered with endorsements from various public figures, PAC’s, boards, entities etc. ¬†These endorsements don’t come cheap and they usually have some sort of quid pro quo attached. They are also usually easily identifiable as valid ¬†or laughable. ¬† Whatever the case may be, somebody has done something for them. ¬†Money has changed hands and/or promises have been made.

When it comes to the second onslaught of inundation; Fowler’s record getting so much push from his peers despite it being rather dreadful, can simply be chalked up to Fowler being a generally nice, hard-working guy with a track record of helping other artists. It’s the way of this music scene right, wrong or indiferent to blindly support things even when it doesn’t make good sense to do so.

Being a good guy with longevity in the scene should not make Fowler immune to criticism or … Keep Reading

LJT 26 Lineup Released


You can find the entire line-up HERE at 10AM central, and it is already posted on the LJT app for iPhones. ¬†Here are a few highlights we are looking forward to. ¬†As always, this is a formidable and very comprehensive lineup that has something for every taste and fan. ¬†There are country acts, rock acts, folk acts, legendary acts and new acts. ¬†Sometimes back to back. ¬†The list below is far from comprehensive, it just includes many of the sets we won’t be missing and felt were particularly notable.

(all times approximate)


8:00PM – Bud Light Stage -¬†Bart Crow returns to the mainstage of the festival he started attending as a Tarleton State student in the late 90′s. ¬†He was off the bill for a couple years before returning and he never sounds better than out at LJT.


3:30PM- Allsup’s Stage -The reverend Walt Wilkins takes to the Allsup’s Stage with his Mystiqueros backing him. ¬†It is sure to be a soulful, mystical and magical trip through Walt’s catalog of songwriting gems.

4:30PM-Allsup’s Stage – ¬†In the words of Robert Earl Keen, “the great Joe Ely” takes the stage next. Ely is known for his intense live shows that have inspired everyone from Bruce Springsteen to The Clash. ¬†This should be no different.

6:00PM -Bud Light Stage – One of our favorite bands, Uncle Lucius, makes their LJT debut. ¬†Nobody brings it quite like our favorite uncle. ¬†A country jam band … Keep Reading

Six Market Blvd Heads Down Different Roads


Much like the recent high profile departure of Josh Weathers from our music scene, tomorrow night Six Market Blvd says goodbye with a gig at their home base of City Limits in Stephenville.  The band, known for its fresh energy and zestful live show is calling it quits so lead singer Clayton Landau can focus on other endeavours and callings.  Landau will be pursuing other business ventures and pouring his musical talents into praise music.  The rest of the band, Josh Serrato (lead guitar), Ben Hussey (bass/vocals) and Red Shahan (guitar/vocals) will forge ahead with a new project that finds Shahan in the lead role.

This band has had a formidable five year run. ¬†They rose quickly up the ladder of Texas Music through the power of their unique songwriting and a strong base in the Stephenville-Fort Worth areas rooted in their formation at Tarleton State University. ¬†They’ve been a friend and advocate to Galleywinter and we, along with everyone else that has been charmed by their music will miss them. ¬†Here’s to the good times and the music that will live on into perpetuity. Best of luck to all and we look forward to digging into the new music fronted by Shahan.

6MB on The Drop

 … Keep Reading