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{Brad's Corner} June 2016: Musical Vampires

{Bradís Corner}

Having been immersed in the culture of music for so long, occasionally you reach a point of saturation.¬† A point where it all sounds and looks the same.¬† That it can be a song, artist, album, genre or entire cross-section of music.¬†… Read the rest

Hanging Out as an Outsider


The breeze is strong with the type of subtle chill that can only be found when near the ocean’s roar. ¬†The humidity of recently passed thunderstorms lingers in the air only to be pushed away by the gusts of this breeze. ¬†… Read the rest

GW To Hangout at the Beach


For several years now, I’ve been hearing about this ultimate destination music festival that takes place in Gulf Shores, AL called Hangout Fest. ¬†Coachella is corporate LA. Bonaroo is Woodstock redux. ¬†ACL is Austin weird. ¬†Hangout supposedly has taken all the best portions of every music festival, refined them and placed them in one of the most chill, beautiful locations on earth.… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} May 2016: The Songs of Summer

{Bradís Corner}

My first memories of having an actual summer revolve around my post-kindergarten summer. ¬†Prior to that, as a toddler, every day is like summer. ¬†But, after actually putting in the grind of a schoolyear for the first time, I was actually loving this thing called summer break. ¬†… Read the rest

LJT 2016 Recap


(all photos credit: Natalie Rhea)

Year 18 of attending LJT rolled out like so many others. ¬†Not getting there until Thursday, FOMO from all the M-W texts, a breakfast taco for the road. ¬†Over the past 18 years, I’ve learned how to pack exactly what I’ll need out at Melody Mountain. ¬†… Read the rest