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LJT 2016 Recap


(all photos credit: Natalie Rhea)

Year 18 of attending LJT rolled out like so many others.  Not getting there until Thursday, FOMO from all the M-W texts, a breakfast taco for the road.  Over the past 18 years, I’ve learned how to pack exactly what I’ll need out at Melody Mountain.  … Read the rest


The past few months have certainly been a whirlwind of loss in the music legends category.  We’ve lost giants.  And all in the same time frame of grief.  It’d be cool if a few of our certified genius legends could hang on this rock a little longer.… Read the rest

The Hag


On a cold fall night in the year 2001 I saw one of my musical heroes in the flesh for the first and, what would end up being, the only time.  In the rush of life post 9/11, full immersion in Texas Music, work, life and everything else, this concert certainly flew under the radar.  … Read the rest

Humble Domination of the Flatland and Beyond


This weekend, someone asked me how a band “nobody has ever heard of” that “doesn’t have a radio presence” could make such a huge debut as that of Flatland Cavalry. My simple reply…”the right people have heard of them.” This goes back to the whole chart and radio debate from a few months back.… Read the rest