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Turning the Tables…Again

I’ve been honored and blessed to be asked by Mattson Rainer to come shoot the breeze with him on his radio station, 92.1 KNBT-FM Radio New Braunfels three years in a row now. It’s not something I take lightly. Few people support and love music as much as Mattson. He created an Americana institution before […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Statesboro Revue

Statesboro Revue is a grooving, southern rock laden country outfit that is fronted by brothers Stewart and Garrett Mann. Their band cranks out the most soulful sides of southern harmony and bluesy guitar riffs this side of vintage Black Crowes.  Their engaging live shows and Stewart’s seasoned singing voice has garnered them a large following […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Geoffrey Hill

You know him as the longest tenured member of the RRB and the man that creates most of the familiar riffs you’ve heard over the last 20 years. He has an ear for melody, high harmony and he knows when to rock and when to twang. He gets his rocks off in other ways too, […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Johnny Chops

While many know him solely as the bassist in the Randy Rogers Band, Johnny Chops has established himself as a formidable singer/songwriter/musician in his own right.  He fronts the side project Johnny Chops and the Razors and continues to write some of the most rockin’ honky-tonk infused songs around.  The Razors finds him jamming and […]

Josh Ward and Billy Bob’s at 50

Josh Ward is a testament to mom and pop stick-to-it-tiveness. He and his wife have pulled his career up from the bootstraps for 15 years. Ward used to bounce around to any guitar pull that would have him while working in the oil fields. He was an early, charter member of the Galleywinter family and […]