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Chris King – Showing His Work on “Animal”

Previewing tracks off upcoming records, to get people excited, seems like the norm these days. Personally, I’m torn about it.. I’m a traditionalist in that when a record releases, I think that should be the first time everyone hears it. But I do admit that it’s very effective when you take Chris King’s method of sharing short video’s of the listen-back in the studio or his latest run of sharing out the final mixes before mastering. He truly is “showing his work” as it’s been happening and is taking us all along for the ride.


When I asked him why he’s previewing tracks off his new record, “Animal”, that doesn’t even have a release date yet… he simply answered:

It’s a departure from what I’ve been doing, so I want people to know that I’ve been working hard and that I’m moving forward. That, and I’m really fucking excited for people to hear some of this new music.

And he should be fucking excited… I can say that based on all the preview tracks I’ve heard so far… I can’t wait for “Animal” to see the light of day. I’ve embedded his latest preview called “Take It Down” which is a slower one about lost love and really shows off King’s tremendous writing and phrasing that is consistent throughout this record. Give it a listen and keep your ears ready for more!

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