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About Us

If you need anything at all, just shoot us an email at contact@galleywinter.com. Feel free to ask, yell, laugh, beg, share or just plain shoot the breeze.

We've supported music for over a decade and have innovated ways to connect fans to the music they love and with each other.
Have a look at some of our highlights over the years...
Guys like Robert Earl Keen were influencing a few determined musicians in Texas that were already establishing well beaten paths around the state. Coincidentally (or not) many of their counterparts in Oklahoma were doing the same thing but with a slightly different sound inspired by greats like Bob Childers.

Frat boys and long time music fans alike were starting to follow these new musicians around from town to town. Websites were beginning to be easier to make and fan sites like Jon Paul Long's "Tore Up From The Floor Up" began popping up.

Pat Green launches an online forum for his fans to chat about shows and long times fans, Jon Paul "HogLeg" Long & Ryan "Tank" Hargrave meet for the first time with an idea to get fans together.

The First "GreenFest" was put together as a party to bring fans together to meet up and get to know each other.
The online community starts to grow and spill into more real events with tail gate party's, dinners, road trips.

A byproduct of having so many music fans begins to emerge... New bands are being talked about and listened to. MP3's of new music are being passed around like currency as file sharing begins to peak.

Pat Green's fan club goes "official" and a paywall is set up for the forums. A late night in an Austin apartment sets the vision for a new type of website that is focused on fans and music. With PG's blessing Jon Paul & Ryan use the song title Galleywinter to birth a new set of forums that will focus on Texas/Red Dirt music and their fans. Brian "Doc" Monnone is added as a partner to help set the creative vision for the site.

Galleywinter wins big at the GWE awards and effectivly killing off the "Best Website" category for any future years.

Galleywinter's fan content was busting at the seams so a move was made to include articles along side the forums and Version 2 was launched! We were blogging with fan driven content before the term blog was a common place.

More sites began popping up with Galleywinter's style of forums + articles. We needed direction and a vision to set us apart, so we brought on our 4th partner, Brad Beheler, to help us write quality articles and keep an eye on the growing site.

We reworked the site for a Version 3 to give more power to the forums, articles and expansion of new popular features such as the concert calendar and lyrics.

Myspace opened up a whole new avenue for bands and fans to interact. Facebook and Twitter quickly followed and we found that while idle chit-chat to began to move to other platforms our traffic continued a steady rise.

We created and supported several events throughout the year to keep moving people from online to offline. Among the most popular were the Fall/Spring Acoustic Shows.
Embracing the social platforms, Galleywinter wasn't another site killed by social platforms, but rather it would start to become a platform itself.

For the first time we began to focus on outside writers to bring new features like "Off The Cuff" and general commentary. Offline, we brought in several people to help give Galleywinter more of a "face" rather than just an organization.

Once again, breaking free of old school thought, Galleywinter broke ground on a new model. No more "one site to rule them all", but rather small "mini-sites" tailored to what fans want and need. Less focus on a website and more focus on people.
Version 4 was a slow roll out and started initially with the launch of "The Drop", a way to connect people to new music and listen online. Soon after, the articles got a new look and were reworked to give more power to the authors and integrate other platforms.

Who runs this place?

This place would be nothing if not for the fans and we are eternally greatful for those of you that help out when you can. We'd be nowhere if not for you. However, the buck stops here: