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A Troubadour’s Prayer Answered

by: Cody Starr

Dan Johnson’s latest single off his self titled album Dan Johnson and the Salt Cedar Rebels turned from prayer of desperation into a dream come true.

Most people trying to make it in this scene can relate heavily with “Troubadour’s Prayer.”  It’s a song about hopelessness and self-doubt that surrounds a struggling artist.

What’s it worth? What’s this all for?
I’d do all again, ask myself the same old questions one time more
I’m not sure what scares me more

How hard I could fall or the chance to fly like I’ve never done before


The night the song was birthed was a turning point for Dan as he played to an empty bar in Amarillo. About to give up, he asked himself the question “What Would Walt Do?” Little did he know at the time that his decision to fight on would ultimately land him in the studio with his hero.

I met up with Dan at his friend’s loft in downtown Dallas where he was finishing up a photoshoot for his latest concept album Hemingway. After opening with some beard talk he shared his awesome story of fate and how Walt Wilkins got involved with “Troubadour’s Prayer.”  If anything, be sure to catch the acoustic performance about 8 minutes in.

Here’s a link to the original video and of course you can go to: http://www.saltcedarrebels.com


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