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Archive | 2018

Favorites of 2018

The albums, songs, people and places (in no particular order) that were our favorites in 2018.   ALBUMS Kevin Galloway – The Change Galloway’s powerful vocals drive each song and provide them the proper gravitas to match the lyrics he has strained from his real life’s experiences.  These songs are unmistakably positive and affirming. Galloway […]

{Brad's Corner} December 2018: Caretakers of the Bond

{Brads Corner}

The modern world unleashes a torrent of content at us each day.  At times it can feel like a fire hose of madness raining down on you.  It’s overwhelming.  We are in the midst of a rebuild here at Galleywinter headquarters and content has been light for that reason. Why shout into the void when […]

{Brad's Corner} November 2018: Reinventing the Needle

{Brads Corner}

What do you say when it’s over?  Don’t know if I should say anything at all. So goes the plaintive statement at the heart of Clint Black’s classic “Better Man”.  And it kind of sums up the headspace I find myself in lately with this music scene.  It’s not the first time either.  Nothing has […]

Will Time Erase Our Heroes?

A few weeks back I had a conversation that rabbit-holed into food for thought that didn’t go down well. While music has always existed throughout human history, recorded music has been around for just over a century. It’s a blip on the celestial timeline, yet we’ve seen so many fabulous artists come and go, songs […]

Charlie Robison Will Remain The Life of the Party

The mandolin burst out of the busted speaker  like a semi going  a little too fast and passing you on a two lane road.  Just as that truck shakes the windshield and vibrates the steering wheel, the voice of Charlie Robison singing about his buddy back in ’81 shook me.  It was unmistakably different, undeniably […]