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Archive | 2017

River Jam Artist Preview: Austin Meade


Lyrics and melodies for days, with the young energy to push them into your consciousness.  Austin’s on that cusp of being a very buzzed about act, and rightfully so.  Meade carries on the proud tradition of singer/songwriters hailing from Aggieland, but with a fresh twist.  … Read the rest

River Jam Artist Preview: Jade Patek

Jade Patek comes from a rich musical lineage as the granddaughter of polka legend Joe Patek who delighted crowds at dancehalls for decades with his Orchestra. Using her polka roots as inspiration, Jade began writing her own music and performing it live a few years back.  … Read the rest

What Happened to FW Weekly?

I had just landed at LAX last week and turned on my phone; expecting to be inundated by the usual few texts and emails.  7-10 maybe.  Nope.  Try 53.  As my feeble iPhone attempted to connect to wifi or a tower, my heart raced.  … Read the rest

River Jam Artist Preview: John Baumann

John Baumann is perhaps the most lauded young songwriter currently working in the scene.  Each of his releases have been strong, but it’s his latest, Proving Grounds, that is turning ears and heads across the region and beyond.  Baumann has a voice that makes you pay attention and this will be his third year at our event.  … Read the rest

Jerry Jeff Didn’t Kill Anything

by: Cody Starr

A recent article posted by Fort Worth Weekly made me tilt my head a bit. I’m still up in the air as to whether or not this was written to be click bait (isn’t it all?) and I’m the fool that’s been suckered in by responding.… Read the rest