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Galleywinter Subreddit

Instead of revamping our old style forums, we’ve set up a subreddit for you to discuss, share, rant, rave, review, post, connect and more! Share the link and join the conversation! http://www.reddit.com/r/Galleywinter/

2015 Break Out

Every couple years a new artist busts onto the scene with a groundswell of buzz and goodwill.  In 2004 it was RRB, 2007 Ryan Bingham, 2010 it was Turnpike, 2013 brought WCG to the limelight.  There are many other examples.  That moment where hard work meets opportunity; known as luck in some circles.  In each […]

Merry Christmas From Galleywinter!

Christmas DROP

Favorites of 2014

Last year’s list was dominated by Jason Isbell.  This year it is Sturgill Simpson’s turn.  Here’s Tank with our foreword. Flat out in all categories, Sturgill Simpson has captured my soul in ways I didn’t think were possible any more. It’s so hard for me to compare things like art and music to say what […]

{Brad's Corner} December 2014: Getting Away To Get Back

{Brads Corner}

The holiday season is always one of reflection, even if subconsciously.  At the store the other day, I saw a giant display of shiny, new bicycles waiting for their new homes.  This definitely took me back to some of my own favorite Christmas gifts growing up and certainly my own rad BMX, Evil Kneivel days. When […]