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Archive | 2012

{Review} Josh Weathers – Big Night in the City

Josh Weathers is a name that is growing ever more popular among Texas Music circles on the heels of a 2012 that has seen him transition from DFW’s best kept secret and hardest working musician to a player on the larger regional scene.  Weathers has done this on the strength of a YouTube clip that essentially […]

Gibson Justice

by Anthony Silas, attorney at law Almost a year ago I posted an article about the raid on Gibson’s manufacturing facilities in Tennessee. The Federal Government alleged that Gibson violated the Lacey Act by illegally importing wood from India. This followed a prior raid on Gibson’s facilities regarding wood imported from Madagascar. After spending more then $2.4 […]

{Brad's Corner} August 2012: The Shuffling Cupids of Music Venues

{Brads Corner}

One of the standout acts from this year’s Greenfest was K Phillips and his band The Concho Pearls.  They played with brash determination and passion.  They were different and seemed to truly enjoy every second of sweaty Lone Star Floathouse stage time.  The following day he tweeted that it was an honor to have played […]

{20 Questions} Josh Weathers

Few artists have ever taken the Texas Music scene by storm as quickly as Josh Weathers did this past spring.  The buzz began with his stirring cover of “I Will Always Love You” around the time of Whitney Houston’s death and peaked with his triumphant set at this year’s LJT Festival.  Although Weathers has been […]

Hogleg’s Memorial Weekend

If your Memorial Weekend sucked you should have hung out with me.  You’re always invited. After seeing my Twitter feed blow up with Rob Baird’s new record I Swear It’s The Truth I figured I would roll down to Lone Star Music for his in-store to see what all the fuss was about.  I got there and […]