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Archive | 2009

{Review} Will Hoge – The Wreckage

An Americana/indie darling for over a decade, and one of the rare artists that can count Bruce Springsteen among his fans, Will Hoge is poised to capitalize on ten years of buzzworthy performances and record releases with his new album, The Wreckage.… Read the rest

{Off The Cuff} 10 Years Ago…

So I just responded to a topic and realized that it was about 10 years ago that we all showed up on Pat Green’s message board and started the beginning’s of what we have today here at Galleywinter. 10 years…
10 years is a long time and alot has gone on when you really think about it.
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{Review} Josh Grider – Sweet Road To Ride

Nearly a decade ago as we were both college kids at different campuses connected by I-35, I first met and heard Josh Grider.
At the time, he was playing in his college band, Riverside, at Baylor and I was running around San Marcos with Randy Rogers and Doug Moreland when I wasn’t working the door at River Road Icehouse in New Braunfels.
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Who is Will Hoge?

Rarely does an artist come along that captivates you with contemporary talent while strongly evoking memories of legendary artists of yesteryear. There is one artist who has risen over the last decade with a strong, devoted cult following of fans that does just that.
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{Review} Charlie Robison – Beautiful Day


I’ve heard this record, Beautiful Day, described by some industry people as being Charlie’s divorce album. There’s nothing here as dark as Vern Gosdin’s Alone or Willie Nelson’s Phases and Stages, but the big D is something that permeates the entire record.
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