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Archive | 2008

{Off The Cuff} Awkward Teenagers and the Cable Fairy

by:  Josh Grider



Greetings friends and fans. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was replete with a four wheeling, flat tire adventure and all the turkey I could handle. My father-in-law has an old school Jeep Scrambler that we took it for a little joy ride and ended up poking a stick the size of my thumb through the sidewall.
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{Brad's Corner} December 2008: More Cheerleaders

{Brad’s Corner}
Another year has come and gone. At the close of 2007, I had predicted that 2008 would bring a changing of the guard. While progress was made, here’s to hoping that 2009 will break on through to the other side.
This year we saw the continuing rejuvenation of Bleu Edmondson, Jason Boland, Cory Morrow and Roger Creager.
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{Off The Cuff} Being Thankful

by: Pigeon O’Brien

There’s a lot that goes into this business and the visible result is a band gigging in front of a happy audience playing songs from a good CD. Or, alternatively, the result is holding in your hand a CD by a band you like and may have seen and appreciated.
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{Off The Cuff} Thanks for the Music: 2008

“Musically speaking, what artist are you most thankful for?”

The answers were surprising, inspiring, and insightful. And, probably coolest of all…only one answer repeated!

-Brad Beheler, Galleywinter.com
Pat Green. He opened up an entire world to me that I didn’t know existed.
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{Off The Cuff} Cheatham Street Foundation

by:  Angie McClure

You might know me, or you might know Cheatham Street Warehouse, the little music hall that Kent Finlay started more than 30 years ago in San Marcos, Texas. You might also know some of the songwriters and musicians who got their start at Cheatham Street: George Strait, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Charlie and Will Sexton, Todd Snider, Bruce Robison, Terri Hendrix, Randy Rogers Band, and so many more great artists.

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