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{20 Questions} Justin Frazell

Justin Frazell has been bringing Texas Music to the masses via his weekly Front Porch Show on 99.5 The Wolf in DFW for several years now. He’s one of the biggest champions of this music that you’ll find. He’s discovered, propelled and promoted many of your current favorites since before they were the next big thing. Find out what inspires him and what goes on behind the scenes of the Front Porch Show in this edition of 20 Questions.

1. What’s new and exciting in the world of Justin Frazell and the Front Porch Show?

Well today, its the 20 new CD’s I got last week that I have to listen to between now and the next 3 shows. So much music from current and new artist and trying my best to find a happy medium between all of them in order to stay current, make them happy and by all means make y’all happy! Working with Todd Purifoy, Jason Horne and a production company here in Dallas on creating a Front Porch TV show. Very early, so keep your fingers crossed! Finalizing this years Wolfdance and working on a HUGE March of Dimes Project for September! Personally, Casey and I are enjoying every single second of watching Jaycie grow up and praying it will slow down considerably. I am also siphoning gas out of all the cars in the parking garage into mine until the price comes back down.

2. You’re very supportive and helpful to all the artists in this scene. Who/what is your support system that allows you to do all that you do?

Thank you. I sincerely appreciate that. I am very lucky to be this close professionally and personally to these folks. Outside of the show, I take the whole thing on myself. I do my best to stay in constant contact with booking agents, managers, road managers, the artist themselves, clubs and venues and the faithful. Once the show starts, I rely heavily on my producer Russell Foreman. He pushes all the buttons and keeps me order. He doesn’t get near enough recognition for the fine work he does. It’s really not all the much honestly, but he comes in on Sunday so therefore he gets mentioned. Just Kidding! You Rock Brother and you know I love ya! Wayne Foster at www.soldoutmerch.com has been really great keeping the show stocked with Front Porch T-shirts. He does excellent work and I highly recommend his services!

3. Name association:
-Kevin Fowler – Me if I could play and sing.
-Randy Rogers – Living the dream.
-Jason Boland – The 5th Highway Man
-Wade Bowen – Finally getting the break and recognition he more than deserves
-Russ Martin – His dead air makes me nervous
-Howard Stern – My radio financial goal
-Kidd Kraddick – Best gig in D/FW outside of mine. Radio/Golf/Radio/Golf, etc…

4. Who are some of your favorite singers that may surprise your listeners? In other words, what are your guilty pleasures?

Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, G n’ R, Ozzy, Maiden, AC/DC, Metallica, 80’s Power Ballads, I’m serious.

5. Who are some artists that we should know about that maybe haven’t come into our sights yet?

I really really like traditional country music. George Straight kinda stuff. I cannot stand the new Pop – Country stuff and everybody knows that by now. So as I search for someone that is playing real country music that has not got alot of recognition, at least in D/FW, it would have to be Zona Jones from Beaumont, Texas. Harleys and Horses is great from top to bottom.

6. What has been your favorite performance on the Front Porch Show?

That’s dern near impossible to say. So many Sundays, so many songs. I honestly can’t say.

7. What has been your favorite moment on the Front Porch Show?

Not a cop out, but every Sunday is my favorite. I just never know what may unfold in the next 3 hours. I did dig the Stoney and Bonnie duet a couple of weeks ago!

8. Would you rather be pitching for the Rangers or doing what you do now?

My entire life was built around baseball until that whole rotator cuff thing. I would love to be playing pro-ball today and you bet, for my Rangers. But the way my life personally and professionally has unfolded thus far, I owe it all to the radio business and I would not change a thing.

9. In relation to that last question, were you deadset on working in radio before you blew up your rotator cuff playing college ball? Was that always your fallback plan or did you just sort of fall into it?

I had big dreams of both. Baseball since I was 5 and radio since I was about 11 or 12. Once college hit, I went to play baseball and but chose Communications Broadcasting as my major. I guess you could say all my beans where in those two pots. It was gonna be one or the other. Once my left arm blew up…attention stations….Intern for hire!

10. You’ve had a big hand in helping a number of artists expand their audience. What success stories are you most proud of?

Cross Canadian Ragweed. After 3 years of walking a hole in the floor and preaching to everybody here about these guys, it finally took. Even when the “Purple Record” came out, I was told that there was not much to offer on that record. But then YOU GUYS sold out Billy Bobs and kept coming and it was unvoidable at that point. That was my first, chest puffed out, “I told you so!” To this day, I continue to beat my head up against the wall trying to get others in this business see and hear what we already know and love.

11. Is it hard to get up and do the traffic on Monday morning after pulling a good one on Sunday night in the studio? What’s usually the drink of choice during the Front Porch Show?

Who the hell likes to get up at 3am on Monday mornng? Is it hard? Not anymore. I can get up now without an alarm clock after doing it for 10 years. Whats is hard is going back for the afternoon shift. All things said, I’m still getting up to go play radio for a living. Not a bad way to go through life. I’m mighty thankful for this opportunity.

As far as choice of drink on the FP show. I bring in Red Bulls and water and the artist bring in whatever they want. It all ends up in the same cooler by shows and becomes a free for all! For anyone thats coming to the show. MILLER LITE!!!!!!

12. How supportive are the suits at the Wolf of the Front Porch Show?

Who said “I” wasn’t “The Suits”. OK, so not yet but those that are completely support the idea of show and know that this scene plays a big role in D/FW. The allow to me to program the show anyway I want. But the show is about the music and thats my biggest battle. Its great that CCR, Randy, Jack and Pat are all part of our M-Sat. playlist. You and I know it is much bigger than that and by all mean its proven.

13. You’re an unabashed lover of 80’s hair metal. What was your favorite band? What was your favorite song?

I’ll admit that I had anything and everything that had Poison on it. G n’ R – Mr. Brownstone is still great today! Please can we move on.

14. What’s the best part of living and working in the metroplex? What’s the worst part about living and working in the metroplex?

The amount of people that I can reach with the music is lovely thing. As far as living here, plenty of Mexican Food joints. The worst part is traffic. I don’t even have to drive in it. I fly over it and still think it sucks. We love living in Mansfield and I just can’t say enough good things about Ft. Worth. Heck Tarrant Co. in general. I love it!

15. Has there been any talk of further syndicating the Front Porch Show?

You bet! Hopefully the TV thing works out and that’ll be a national thing. As far as radio, I think there is a chance. Me and the boss have had conversations about it. I’m trying to prepare a good argument with the help of the listeners to the show. It’s the real hidden reason behind the Front Porch Family Map. Sneaky huh? So get on there and mark your territory!

16. Jack Ingram’s the coolest guy you’ve ever met, right?

Tie between Jack and Tommy Allsup of Buddy Holly and Bob Wills Texas Playboy Fame.

17. Can I ride in your helicopter?

Let me know when you’re ready!

18. Rapid fire:

-Copenhagen or Skoal……….Cope. No substitutes
-Bud Light or Miller Lite…….Miller Lite
-Jaeger or Jack………………..Neither. Crown and Coke Zero is perfect. No Crown? Give me Jaeger.
-Golf or hunting………………..Golf, but I carry a fishing pole in my bag.

19. Favorite George Strait song.

Blame It On Mexico

20. Compare/contrast the music you showcase on the Front Porch Show with the music that the Wolf plays the rest of the time.

Compare. No comparison. To me there is very distinct difference. I believe all of us can see that. Contrast: There are some folks in Nashville that have been doing right for years, no doubt. There have been some come along recently that have the right idea if they can stay head strong. We all know that some of our own have made the track that direction and are cutting a path for the rest. The frustrating thing for me is why Johnny Nashvegas gets a chance to have his song heard on the radio M-Sat before say Wade, Stoney, Boland and on and on and on and on. I am so sick of the term “research”. Research my ass! When Wade, Stoney, Boland and on and on and on, sells more tickets to a show than any odd act that is actually getting spins, then there is your dern research. Makes darn good sense to me, I don’t care how long you’ve been doing it or how you wanna spin it. Facts are facts people. Our music and artist do not suck. Some of yours do. Til then, I’ll keep walking more ruts in the floor and preaching from 16 floors high on Sunday Night. God Bless Y’all for being in attendance!

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